A long love affair

Like all love affairs, it hard to pin point exactly when my love of Vintage French Posters actually began. Let’s just say it’s as long as I can remember. I finally acquired my first significant Vintage French Poster over 10 years ago and it still hangs above my bed. It’s a magnificent poster for Casino de Paris with a beautiful dancer surrounded by feathers. The contrast of her dark skin and the bright yellow feathers is absolute perfection! It’s striking, elegant, dramatic and encapsulates all the wonderful things about Vintage French Posters.

When I first moved to Paris I would often find myself meandering through the flee markets admiring vintage posters. France’s vintage posters were often designed by the most renowned artists of their era and have therefore become collectors items today. They evoke emotions of Paris and Parisienne life that fills our imagination and our senses.

And so it is that after years of admiring these masterpieces I started collecting the most iconic posters I could find in Paris and now bring them back to Australia to share with you. I am meticulous about the posters I purchase and make available for sale on this site. All posters are genuine originals. Some are in impeccable condition and preserved with linen backing whilst others have imperfections acquired over their long lives, adding to their allure and beauty. Remember, when you purchase a Vintage French Poster from this site, you are purchasing a genuine original, some of which are over 100 years old. Your poster will arrive carefully rolled and packed in a professional art tube. Please ensure you use a reputable framer who will take the utmost care when framing your investment to ensure it will be beautifully presented and preserved for many years to come.

The posters I select are available exclusively on-line via this website, or via an annual vernissage where you can view and purchase posters … whilst enjoying a champagne of course! The 2018 vernissage will be held in Melbourne, Australia, in late November and if you would like to receive an exclusive  invitation, please register below. I have also made online purchasing easy and risk free by offering seven day returns and AfterPay. Should you receive your poster and for whatever reason feel that it does not suit your needs you are welcome to return the poster within seven days. Vintage French Posters are a significant investment so to make payments easy for you I’ve added AfterPay. By selecting AfterPay at the checkout you can buy now, receive your poster now and pay later over monthly payments.

I sincerely hope you derive as much joy from your investment as I experience selecting these beautiful posters in Paris and bringing them home to Australia.


Felicity x

Felicity Selkirk